Andreas Englund Depicts an Elderly and Feeble City Protector

 - Aug 28, 2011
References: artofdala & urhajos.tumblr
I may get a lot of flack for saying this, but Andreas Englund is a better photorealism artist than Alex Ross. Why is that such a big deal? Alex Ross has been the go-to guy for DC Comics' realistic paintings of superheroes, and in terms of technique, Englund is much more refined than the acclaimed artist. Just look how effortlessly he depicts an aged city protector performing tasks more commonly seen of youthful crimefighters.

This unique series of paintings also fascinates me because Andreas Englund juxtaposes the central subject performing superhuman feats with him failing at simplistic tasks. We really get a sense of Englund's sense of humor by looking at his extensive and impressive collection of artistic creations.

Implications - Many artists are now choosing to paint in photorealistic styles as an exhibition of their technical skill, but also to demonstrate their independence from digital art tools commonly relied upon to enhance artwork. Consumers, similarly, are no longer fond of technology's intrusion on their everyday lives. Corporations may capitalize on this public mentality by offering wares that allow consumers to return to more traditional values.