Ching-hao Hsu Designs the Arthritis Handle for Those With Joint Pain

 - Mar 16, 2011
References: gizmag
The Arthritis Handle is a simple, but clever contraption designed to help those suffering from the disease.

Those with arthritis deal with joint pain on a daily basis, meaning even lifting something light can become painful and uncomfortable for these individuals. Ching-hao Hsu therefore designed the Arthritis Handle to make things a little easier for people with this difficulty. To use it, the user slides their forearm over the device, which is attached to the side of the pot. This lets the individual lift the object with minimal strength and avoid burns from boiling water. Since the handle has heat resistant silicone coating, it helps prevents the arm from heating up.

The Arthritis Handle is an incredible invention that will benefit those who often have trouble lifting objects. Check out the video to see it at work.