From Golden Girl Facebooking to Senior Makeout Sessions

 - Jul 11, 2010   Updated: Jul 18 2011
This cluster of youthful senior innovations is super-inspiring. Whether it's Betty White hosting SNL, John McCain running for president or Raquel Welch still making young men like myself drool, it's evident that age is nothing but a number. The innovations featured here show seniors baring it all, hitting the catwalk, bodybuilding, and rocking out with social networking. From Golden Girl Facebooking to senior makeout sessions, enjoy these youthful senior innovations.

Implications - With many individuals being saturated with various types of advertising, companies can find it difficult to get noticed. Using features such as scantily clad older women has an element of shock to it that consumers are not used to seeing on a daily basis. Companies must consider what has not been done before in order to stand out.