Culinary YouTube

 - Aug 25, 2007
References: makemysupper
With the raving success of cooking shows on TV, taking culinary endeavours online was the next logical step. Vancouver-based MakeMySupper is a pioneer in virtual recipe sharing.

Now you can share your favourite recipes with friends and strangers -- even if they're on the other side of the world. Know someone who makes a mean Spaghetti Vongole? Are you incredible with a spatula yourself? Imagine getting your friends together once a month for a live demo of fabulous meal prep, then uploading it to the YouTube-esque service to share with the world!

Any woman who's seen The Take Home Chef has no doubt fallen in love with the Aussie hunk. The chance of being graced with his gustatory talent in your home is pretty slim, but MakeMySupper could spark a crush with a sexy local gourmand. Who knows? By next month, the two of you could be hosting your own show, side by side; he'll prep the appies, you take care of the main course... and dessert comes after the cameras stop rolling.