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Ingenuity applied to cutting-edge-toasters shows the remarkable love for des

Implications - One more reason why you shouldn’t skip breakfast – you’d miss the enjoyment of making your morning toast in these high-design toasters. There are toasters that resemble cassette decks, the sun or something right out of the future. And the handy Toast Bag prevents melted foods from making a mess inside conventional toasters.

All of these products use innovative designs to turn transform everyday activities (eating breakfast) into novel experiences and moments of joy to everyday routines.
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Dec 05 - Nov 07
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Toaster Bags - Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Made Easy
Warm 13,520 Clicks Pub: Dec 2, 05
Toaster Bags
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Made Easy
Lazy? Hungry for grilled cheese? I am. For just $5.99 you can buy a Toast Bag that lets you 'turn your toaster into a sandwich maker'. Set of two reusable woven fiberglass bags for making warm, crunchy… [More]
Transparent Toaster Design
Warm 15,927 Clicks Pub: May 3, 06
Transparent Toaster Design
We have all burnt toast in our lives, but no more! Thanks to a concept developed by Inventables. The idea is to have the glass heat up enough to actually toast the bread. Currently the glass does not reach… [More]
Futuristic Toaster - Impressive Concept
Warm 14,955 Clicks Pub: Apr 1, 07
Futuristic Toaster
Impressive Concept
This Futuristic Machine designed by Atil Kizilbayir is actually a toaster. “The toaster is designed to work like a heated tunnel, you put plain bread into the toasting carriage at one end, the ‘x’… [More]
Sunrise Wall Mounted Toaster
Average 9,839 Clicks Pub: Jan 21, 07
Sunrise Wall Mounted Toaster
We've seen a number of innovations in toast, including: pop-up toaster art, a transparent toaster, the roller toaster and the toast automatica toaster. Now, there's the sunrise wall mounted toaster.… [More]
Toast Automatica - Bringing Boring Toasters Back to Life with Style!
Average 6,738 Clicks Pub: Jan 18, 07
Toast Automatica
Bringing Boring Toasters Back to Life with Style!
The Toaster has been a staple house hold product for many many years, and in those many many years little advances have been made in the toaster aspect of design...until now. George Watson a intuitive… [More]
Roller Toaster
Mild 6,712 Clicks Pub: Nov 30, 06
Roller Toaster
Do you know how many toaster trends we've seen? First, there was Pop Up Toaster Art, then a Transparent Toaster Design and a Toast Bag. Now, we've got a Roller Toaster, which wins the naming contest… [More]
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