In a go-go-go society, there’s a push to make all things portable or easy to

Implications - For people who are constantly on the move, portability has become a necessity. Portable products range from practical everyday conveniences such as electronic medical tags, hygiene devices and air filters to luxury commodities such as portable fireplaces, bathrooms and personal ice skating rinks.

Today’s consumers place a high value on convenience. They also want the freedom to enjoy little luxuries no matter where they are. So the easier you make it for them to take their “stuff” with them wherever they go, the more loyal they’re going to be to your brand.
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Luxury Portable Bathrooms
Warm 31,817 Clicks Pub: Sep 19, 06
Luxury Portable Bathrooms
"We’re not talking port-a-potties; we’re talking the Cadillac of Johns." This said from Rentaldrivethru.com, where I found a link to renting luxury bathrooms. Call me crazy, but wow! Whoever thought… [More]
Portable Bum Washer - TOTO Offers Instant Cleanliness
Warm 13,661 Clicks Pub: Jun 23, 07
Portable Bum Washer
TOTO Offers Instant Cleanliness
Washing up after doing your business has become portable with the TOTO rear end washer. You just fill it with water, snap on the lid and stow it in your purse or bag until nature calls. After you've finished… [More]
Portable Fireplace - Sleek, But Don't Burn Down Your House
Average 6,548 Clicks Pub: Oct 26, 06
Portable Fireplace
Sleek, But Don't Burn Down Your House
The Geniol Fireplace is a sleek open air fireplace with a captivating design. The company site describes, "[The] centrepiece of this glass object is a stainless steel construction, which is attached to… [More]
Portable BBQs - The BBQ Briefcase
Average 12,023 Clicks Pub: Apr 23, 07
Portable BBQs
The BBQ Briefcase
The Carry and Go BBQ makes summer life super easy! Take your BBQ with you - it all folds down into a handy briefcase-sized carrier and you're on your way! And the cooking area is ample enough to allow… [More]
Portable Luxury - Mini Cigar and Wine Bar
Untested 6,565 Clicks Pub: Jul 23, 07
Portable Luxury
Mini Cigar and Wine Bar
For those who enjoy the finer things in life such as a nice glass of wine and a good cigar then you may wish to consider taking the good life with you on that road trip. Max Benjamin has introduced portable… [More]
Portable Medical Information - Zaptag
Untested 4,045 Clicks Pub: May 2, 07
Portable Medical Information
Zaptag is a water resistant USB flash drive for critical information such as your name, blood type, insurance information, and important notes like drug allergies. The price is roughly $80. n GearLog notes,… [More]
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