Patterned wall coverings are back in design culture, although scale and sophisticat

Implications - Wallpaper is a design trend that has reemerged after decades of being deemed tacky. Designs vary from retro prints, florals and modern graphic arts, fake objects and coverings with holes to reveal the pre-existing wall surface.

Interior design lets people express their individuality in their personal space. Offering a variety of wall coverings allows customers the opportunity to pick and choose home décor to customize their space. If a product can speak to the specifications of a consumer’s aesthetic tastes, they’ll find it hard to resist, even if its valued at a higher price. In addition, temporary wall applications give people the opportunity to change their surroundings frequently, depending on their moods.
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Psychedelic House Decor - The Wallpaper From The 70's is a Blast From the Past
Warm 40,028 Clicks Pub: Mar 30, 07
Psychedelic House Decor
The Wallpaper From The 70's is a Blast From the Past
Retro wallpaper is one of the big interior trends for 2007 and look no further that company aptly named Wallpaper From The 70's. You can order online where there is also a library containing pictures… [More]
Timorous Beasties - Surreal and Provocative Wallpaper
Mild 19,879 Clicks Pub: Apr 16, 07
Timorous Beasties
Surreal and Provocative Wallpaper
Timorous Beasties is an ultra hip textile and wallpaper design studio. Each design is unique and provocative with retro fashion concepts, intricate details and strong colors. The site describes, "Noted… [More]
Versa Tile - Digital Wallpaper
Warm 8,026 Clicks Pub: Sep 10, 06
Versa Tile
Digital Wallpaper
Element labs has created a whole line of very cool pixel products like the Versa Tile digital wallpaper. Versa Tile transforms your wall into a series of pixels which can be used to show animated designs.… [More]
Designers Guild Wallpaper
Mild 13,413 Clicks Pub: Mar 3, 07
Designers Guild Wallpaper
The Designers Guild has released wallpaper that dazzles an explosion of color. The wallpaper is reminiscent of the past, but reflects modern design and trends in patterns, color, textures, etc. Take a… [More]
Digital Printed Floors and Wallpaper
Warm 18,941 Clicks Pub: Jun 7, 06
Digital Printed Floors and Wallpaper
Digital imaging offers the ability to create fantastic images and use them in new ways by creating spaces to transform perceptions and indeed create whole new environments. We now have the ability to put… [More]
Peep Show Wallpaper - Holes to Showcase Your Old Wallpaper
Average 6,285 Clicks Pub: Jun 6, 07
Peep Show Wallpaper
Holes to Showcase Your Old Wallpaper
This wallpaper idea has got more than a few holes in it. It's the wallpaper peepshow by designer Gijs Bakker, but I prefer to call it the artsy-fartsy slacker paper. Why? Because this is wallpaper that… [More]
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