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Connected Vanity

Industrial spaces incorporate digitally optimized mirrors for user appeal

Implications - Mirrors have been optimized for digital use in a variety of public spaces, ranging from retail locations to gyms. These next-generation mirrors present a benefit that is two-fold: they play upon consumers' narcissistic tendencies, while simultaneously offering a form of interactivity and connectivity that's now demanded in both public settings and personal devices.
Workshop Question - How can your brand leverage technology to create interactivity with consumers?
7 Featured, 56 Examples:
288,200 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Apr 14 — Jun 15
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Outfit-Modeling Mirrors
Outfit-Modeling Mirrors
Neiman Marcus' Memory Mirror Digitally Compares Outfits
Retail mirrors are an essential part of the clothes-buying process, but the Memory Mirror by Neiman Marcus takes this object to the next level. This high-tech mirror is equipped with a large screen... MORE
High-Tech Retail Hubs
High-Tech Retail Hubs
Harvey Nichols' Newest Retail Store Design Boasts Engaging Details
The newly renovated Harvey Nichols Mailbox store in Birmingham will soon open, boasting a retail store design that’s more interesting than others nearby thanks to the use of technology. Upon... MORE
Interactive Retail Mirrors
Interactive Retail Mirrors
Samsung's Mirror and Transparent OLED Makes Retail Visually Engaging
At the Retail Asia Expo 2015, Samsung unveiled an impressive Mirror and Transparent OLED that’s fit for personalized shopping and browsing for information inside of a retail space. The... MORE
play_circle_filled Photo-Snapping Mirrors
Photo-Snapping Mirrors
The Selfie Mirror by iStrategyLabs Snaps Pics and Puts Them on Twitter
By now everyone and their dog has heard about the selfie, where individuals find the nearest reflector and snap a picture of themselves, but now with the Selfie Mirror, people don’t even have... MORE
Digitally Connected Mirrors
Digitally Connected Mirrors
MirrorMirror Uses Facial Recognition to Display Digital Feeds
MirrorMirror is a high-tech mirror that doubles as an information interface. Developed by a team of students at the Colleges of Science and Engineering at Purdue University, this piece of technology... MORE
Smart Weightlifting Mirrors
Smart Weightlifting Mirrors
The SmartSpot Device Tracks and Recognizes Different Exercises
The SmartSpot mirror is a fitness device that can not only track, but recognize a wide variety of movements and exercises, so you can take your workout to the next level. The smart mirror can tell... MORE
play_circle_filled Feel-Good Retail Mirrors
Feel-Good Retail Mirrors
This Motivational IKEA Mirror Boosts Esteem In-Store
In an effort to get people to feel better about themselves in general, as well as while shopping, this IKEA mirror delivers unexpected compliments to consumers. IKEA’s Motivational Mirror was... MORE

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play_circle_filled Hyperreal POV Video Games
Hyperreal POV Video Games
The DICE Mirror's Edge Catalyst Game Pushes Players to New Realities
Rifle-Inspired Cameras
Rifle-Inspired Cameras
The Leica Gun Camera is Set to Fetch Big Money at Auction
Digitized Detergent Displays
Digitized Detergent Displays
This Woolite Retail Display Informs and Intrigues Consumers
Skin Health Apps
Skin Health Apps
ModiFace's New Apple Watch Skin Care App Uses Skin Scanners and Real-Time Cameras
Interactive Golf Stores
Interactive Golf Stores
The PGA TOUR Superstore Gives Shoppers an Interactive Golfing Experience
Buffer Zone Posters
Buffer Zone Posters
Volkswagen's Posters Show Where It's Important to Keep a Safe Distance
play_circle_filled Digitized Sportswear Catalogs
Digitized Sportswear Catalogs
The LACOSTE LT12 Collection is Unveiled in an Interactive Lookbook
Opulent Sartorial Boutiques
Opulent Sartorial Boutiques
The Prada Piazza San Moise Store Embodies Luxury and Heritage
Custom Floating Fitness Studios
Custom Floating Fitness Studios
The Nike Women's 15k Will Kick Off with Special Training Classes
Light Projection Facades
Light Projection Facades
Vivid Sydney Festival Illuminates Urban Structures with Whimsical Imagery
Luxe Pop-Up Boutiques
Luxe Pop-Up Boutiques
Chanel St. Tropez is a Temporary Retail Experience for Lovers of Luxury
Majestic Pilgrim Hotels
Majestic Pilgrim Hotels
The Abraj Kudai Hotel Will Be Located in the Muslim Holy City of Mecca
play_circle_filled Interactive All-Touch Computers
Interactive All-Touch Computers
HP's Sprout Computer Blends the Physical and the Digital
Non-Invasive Diabetic Accessories
Non-Invasive Diabetic Accessories
This Wristworn Glucose Monitor Measures Levels without a Needle
Computer Screen Projectors
Computer Screen Projectors
The HTD=01 Concept by Number One Disappears When Not in Use
Multimedia Retail Displays
Multimedia Retail Displays
This Woolworths Shop has In-Store Video Walls and LED Displays
Virtual Memorial Apps
Virtual Memorial Apps
RipCemetery is a Social Platform for Dealing with Death & Managing Memories
See-Through Computer Screens
See-Through Computer Screens
This Transparent Desktop Would Visually Declutter Your Desktop
Leather-Back Smartphones
Leather-Back Smartphones
The LG G4 Has an Improved Display and a Leather Back Option
Wearable Headphone Screens
Wearable Headphone Screens
The Mask Personal Movie Theater by Dashbon is Extremely Portable
Electronic Paper Displays
Electronic Paper Displays
This E-Paper Display Can Be Written On Using a Magnet
play_circle_filled Augmented Makeup Mirrors
Augmented Makeup Mirrors
Modiface's Mirror Simulates the Process of Trying on Makeup
Exercise-Recognizing Wristbands
Exercise-Recognizing Wristbands
The Atlas Fitness Tracking Wristband Can Recognize Your Exercises
Interactive Activity Chronographs
Interactive Activity Chronographs
A Smartwatch for Kids Turns Sports and Physical Play into a Game
Skin-Analyzing Smart Mirrors
Skin-Analyzing Smart Mirrors
Panasonic's High-Tech Mirror that Delivers Beauty and Makeup Advice
Guided Yoga Apps
Guided Yoga Apps
The FitStar Yoga App Includes Short Guided Videos Get You Flexible Fast
Digital-Integrating Flagship Stores
Digital-Integrating Flagship Stores
This In-Store Retail Experience Includes Online Elements
Muscle-Calculating Apps
Muscle-Calculating Apps
The Skulpt Aim App Measures Muscle Quality
Unlimited Personal Training
Unlimited Personal Training
Vint Unlimited Includes Diverse Workout Sessions for a Flat Fee
play_circle_filled Frightening Mirror Pranks
Frightening Mirror Pranks
Pepsi Max's Halloween Scary Prank Tricks People with a Mirror
Wearable Personal Trainers
Wearable Personal Trainers
This Fitness Tracking Service Integrates Wristbands and Audio Feedback
play_circle_filled Multiplex Mirror Advertisements
Multiplex Mirror Advertisements
The Hermès Men Etcetera Feature Captures Multiple Personalities
play_circle_filled Assistive Yoga Mats
Assistive Yoga Mats
This Hi-Tech and Smart Yoga Mat is Like Your Own Personal Yoga Guide
play_circle_filled Affirming Interactive Mirrors
Affirming Interactive Mirrors
The Band The Mrs. is About Empowering Women in How They Look
play_circle_filled Esteem-Boosting Mirrors
Esteem-Boosting Mirrors
Nutrella's Friendly Interactive Mirror Doles Out Feel-Good Compliments
play_circle_filled Mirrored Smartphone Stands
Mirrored Smartphone Stands
The CaseCam Makes Group Selfies Easier Than Ever
play_circle_filled Smile-Activated Cameras
Smile-Activated Cameras
This Interactive Dove Ad Reinforces That Beauty is Amplified with a Smile
play_circle_filled Confidence-Building Feminist Ads
Confidence-Building Feminist Ads
The Always #LikeaGirl Campaign Reappropriates an Age-Old Insult
Empowering Beauty Branding
Empowering Beauty Branding
This Visual Branding Identity is Sweet and Aesthetic
Weightgain-Focused Gym Trackers
Weightgain-Focused Gym Trackers
The Gymwatch Tracks Your Weightlifting Technique and Performance
play_circle_filled Digital Retail Mirrors
Digital Retail Mirrors
The Mirrus Retail Mirror Supports Unparalelled Customer Interaction
The Perfect Self-Portrait
The Perfect Self-Portrait
Submit Your Selfies For a Chance to Be the Face of a Global Ad Campaign
Comical Sobriety Selfies
Comical Sobriety Selfies
Tumblr Blogger Wexism Captures Her Favorite Responses to Being Sober
Unleash Your Inner Selfie
Unleash Your Inner Selfie
Upload Photos For a Shot to Be the Face of a Global Advertising Campaign
Sweaty Selfie Contests
Sweaty Selfie Contests
MapMyFitness Wants You to Prove You Can Sweat by Posting a Workout Selfie
Deformed Taped-Up Selfies
Deformed Taped-Up Selfies
You'll Get All Wrapped Up in These 'Sellotape Selfies'
play_circle_filled Remote Selfie Apps
Remote Selfie Apps
The AirSnap App Allows You to Capture Pictures Remotely Using Two Devices
play_circle_filled Comical Fitness Selfies
Comical Fitness Selfies
Instagram User Kelly Roberts Took a Series of Funny Selfies While Running
play_circle_filled Cat-Injected Yoga Selfies
Cat-Injected Yoga Selfies
This Cat Decided It Wanted More Attention During a Yoga Selfie
Diversified Body Positive Campaigns
Diversified Body Positive Campaigns
The Debenhams High Summer Look Book Forgoes Traditional Models
Charitable Pinboard Campaigns
Charitable Pinboard Campaigns
Elizabeth Arden's 'Pin It to Give It' Board Supports Cancer Patients
Three-Face Mirror Photography
Three-Face Mirror Photography
3D Model Anna Kliewer featured in Milad Sahafzadeh's Trippy Shoot
play_circle_filled Self Esteem-Boosting Bags
Self Esteem-Boosting Bags
This QR Campaign Raises Your Self-Esteem
play_circle_filled Mirroring Infant Image Ads
Mirroring Infant Image Ads
This Evian Babies Commercial 'Baby & Me' Brings Back Dancing Tots
Narcissistic Razor Ads
Narcissistic Razor Ads
The Philips Norelco Electric Razor Showcases a Man Complimenting Himself
Social Media Concept Stores
Social Media Concept Stores
The Karl Lagerfeld Concept Store in Amsterdam is More Than Clothes