MirrorMirror Uses Facial Recognition to Display Digital Feeds

 - May 12, 2015
References: mirrormirror.glass & gizmag
MirrorMirror is a high-tech mirror that doubles as an information interface. Developed by a team of students at the Colleges of Science and Engineering at Purdue University, this piece of technology helps users stay up-to-date with a wide variety of information feeds including tweets, public transportation schedules, news threads, emails and various other forms of online communication.

The mirror displays general information by default. However when it recognizes a user -- using facial recognition technology -- it will display tailored information such as emails. MirrorMirror uses an open development platform, meaning anyone can build an app for it.

This contraption could prove to become popular in the home automation world, as it could seamlessly slot in alongside and complement other devices.