This Wristworn Glucose Monitor Measures Levels without a Needle

 - May 8, 2015
References: & yankodesign
The sensors that scientists, technologists and engineers are working on currently may soon enable a product like this glucose monitor to hit the market. Intended for sufferers of diabetes, this discrete Glycount watch concept is an envisioning of a continuous blood sugar gauge that does not require the patient to prick himself.

With highly sensitive nodes that can detect glucose levels in the skin, the wrist-worn device is constantly giving the person feedback about his condition. Indrajeet Bakhale's e-ink face can be activated at any time, in order to display one's levels instantly.

Besides the needle-less design, a notable user-friendly feature of this glucose monitor is the way that the information gathered is recorded, organized and delivered to the wearer in a digestible manner. Direct advice about sugar consumption is given throughout the day, and wearer and his doctor can browse the collected data for constructive use.