This Transparent Desktop Would Visually Declutter Your Desktop

 - May 1, 2015
References: & yankodesign
Workstations are generally topped with computers these days, and thanks to the cutting-edge design of this transparent desktop, even bulky gadgets will not bog down a tidy office environment. The concept for the HTD-01 clear screen was developed by Number One with M2Slabs, offering consumers the ultimate in clean electronic design.

A completely see-through sheet of acrylic material would be virtually invisible when the machine is off. Observers may only discern the compact box that constitutes the powerful base of the desktop computer. When turned on, the HTD-01 monitor would light up with a holographic-like display, presenting high definition graphics on an ultra-slim surface.

I can see this computer companies like Apple jumping at the idea of manufacturing a transparent desktop like this. The company is already perfecting the streamlining of the monitor and the system unit.