HP's Sprout Computer Blends the Physical and the Digital

 - May 9, 2015
References: store.hp & techradar
HP's new interactive computers contain a revolutionary all-touch user interface that allows you to directly manipulate content with your hands and turn your desk into a digital workspace. The new Sprout high performance computers are largely aimed at designers, content creators or anyone who simply wants a more hands-on digital experience.

What is truly revolutionary about the Sprout computer is its Illuminator, which contains a 14.6-megapixel 3D camera that allows you to scan any 2D or 3D object and immediately display it on the Touch Mat. The technology works by capturing multiple images of the object and stitching them together to project the 3D image on to its 23.5-inch display. Users can therefore capture, digitize and manipulate any physical object to experience a kind of "blended reality" right at their fingertips.

Currently, the interactive computers are only available in the US and the UK and come with a hefty price tag of $1,899.