From Baby Naming Consultants to Elusive Millennial Manuals

 - Apr 26, 2015
Defining a clear demographic and target audience for your product or service is an extremely important part of business, which is something these April 2015 life-stages innovations do very well. From babies to seniors and expecting parents to baby boomers, there are lots of age segments brands go after.

Integrating technology is one way to engage kids while making them learn at the same time. Educational toys become more fun by introducing coding-teaching games or virtual reality in board games. On the other hand, web-based platforms are helping parents and caregivers keep track of their children more than ever before.

Targeting kids who then go to their parents is a tried and true tactic in advertising, and is especially apparent in the food industry. Children-focused packaging design is often healthy as well, taking a turn from the usual sugary snacks.