Innocent Juices Were Rebranded with Decluttered and Haloed Fruits

 - Mar 28, 2015
References: pearlfisher & thedieline
Observe the new look of Innocent Juice and consider the on-the-go drinks competition of the moment. The bottles used for the most popular brands of soft drinks, sports drinks and nutrient-enriched beverages are contained within one of about three different clear plastic vessels, ensuring that this fresh brand will stand out.

A carafe-shaped container was designed for these healthy drinks. Besides their silhouettes, Innocent Drinks have greater heights than adjacent brands, and feature thick colorful caps that help these single-serving jugs to stand out.

Pearlfisher strove to challenge the fussy details on the majority of fruit juice labels, opting to use clear stickers with direct imagery and minimal text. The final look is crisp and cute with anthropomorphic oranges and apples that wear angelic haloes.