Hexbug's Tony Hawk Circuit Boards Toys Bring Power to Fingerboards

 - Mar 10, 2015
References: hexbug
Remember when fingerboards for kids were all the rage? Now, Hexbug is bringing them back into style and the digital age with its Tony Hawk Circuit Boards toys.

Although there's no reason a kid couldn't play with the tiny skateboard toys like a low-tech fingerboard, these remote control boards have the ability to get a boost of power from technology. The skateboards themselves feature fun graphics, plus removable wheels and trucks, so that a power axle can be added to supercharge playtime.

To create some epic skate stunts, the Circuit Boards skatepark collection also includes multiple ramps, pipes, stairs, bowls and rails that can be linked up. Now, kids can perform as many ollies and kickturns as they'd like without causing their parents to worry.