Golem Arcana Embeds Traditional Rule Book into an App

 - Mar 3, 2015
References: golemarcana & boingboing.net
While many classic board games are being given the complete digital treatment, Golem Arcana blends both the traditional experience with a more modern one by creating an app that simply enhances the physical pieces. First of all, Golem Arcana does away with an actual rule book. The app boasts all the necessary rules, army statistics and tutorials to play the game.

Yet there is much more to the Golem Arcana app. BoingBoing writes, "While players maneuver their three-dimensional figures across two-dimensional maps, they communicate all of their choices to the app using a bluetooth stylus." It even rolls virtual dice to see whether or not the attact succeeds. Overall, Golem Arcana cannot be played without the app or the physical pieces.