Beebo Frees a Parent's Arms During Bottle Feeding

 - Mar 13, 2015
References: thebeebo & cbs12
Knowing that infants can be a handful, Beebo was created as a way to lend parents a helping hand. Inventor Martin Hill came up with the idea during a time when he was struggling to do many things at once, like holding his newborn, answering the phone and trying to operate the TV remote.

The device is worn as an over-she shoulder strap that grips a bottle, making it possible to burp, cuddle or read a book to the baby at the same time as feeding. The Beebo is designed with a clever tilt to it, which encourages a baby to get used to finishing an entire bottle. Another noteworthy feature of the Beebo is that it's ideal for use by both parents and portable enough to be packed up and taken anywhere as needed.