From Edible Packaging to Street Art Billboards

 - Nov 21, 2011
If you expect your company to compete in the marketplace and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing a product, then innovative branding campaigns must be taken into consideration. Without an effective branding campaign, it is harder to push a product to a consumer who is very cautious of where to spend their money.

Whether it is an overhaul of a logo, a seasonal marketing blitz or creative packaging, innovative branding campaigns are helping companies stay on top, while others try to reinvent themselves. Mash-ups are just one way that two different companies can enter a market and make a splash, while edible packaging is a creative way for a product popularize a specific brand. Recently, New Zealand unveiled a campaign advertising for potential recruits by covering city walls with street art, an ironic approach to "branding" officers as hip and up with the times.

Regardless of the gimmick, an effective way to get the attention is to come up with innovative branding campaigns that will capture the imagination of the consumer.