The Product Identity Behind Dot Wine Packaging is to the Point

 - Oct 5, 2011
References: tacnstudio &
Where many winemakers attempt to dress their bottles with beautiful images and bold illustrations, Dot Wine packaging employs the opposite technique to attract attention. Perched on a shelf next to rows of elaborate labels, these carafes express a minimalism that would engage the consumer's eye more than most colors, typefaces and animations could accomplish.

At first, TACN's design stands out simply because its appearance opposes that of its competing products, but a closer look lets you see how well executed the labeling is. And you really do have to look closely since the logo and text are unusually tiny.

The year it was made is printed on each flask next to an indication of the type of wine within. A simple spot matches the type of beverage as well so that Dot Wine packaging incorporates an cute elementary color coding system for each variety of vino.