Plain Cigarette Packaging Exploits Disgust-Inducing Graphics

 - Aug 4, 2011
References: packagingoftheworld
Generally, product wrappers are designed to make their contents more appealing to the consumer, but this Plain Cigarette packaging concept aims to accomplish the exact opposite. Siding with health professionals in the discussion of unbranding smokes boxes, a pair of students has undertaken an unusual approach to merchandizing.

First of all, the company behind the tobacco sticks is forced to remove its logo, replacing it with a mere plain text indication of its trademark. Sarah Shaw and Jennifer Noon chose to cover most of the card with an unpleasant mold-like color and visual texture, combined with images of rotting teeth and wrinkled lips that offend consumers' vanity. Another genius anit-smoking technique explored in this Plain Cigarette packaging is in the assembly of a box that is awkward to carry and open because of its peculiar shape.