From Neon Beverage Cans to Modular Manicure Branding

 - Oct 30, 2011
To successfully get a message across to customers, it is not always necessary to have an exuberant packaging design, as these marvelous minimalist packages show. Simplicity is a useful way to sell a brand, as it's easier for consumers to remember and identify the product. In a world over-saturated with consumerism, plainness is an assertive movement.

More and more companies are switching their logos and container designs for a more clean and straightforward look. This marketing move is because businesses are looking to lower their costs and find ways to be more eco-friendly. Materials like carton and 100% recycled paper are popular because of the organic look and cheap price.

Additionally, most consumers find simple and clean wrappers and packages more attractive, as the products convey a more fresh and genuine identity. These marvelous minimalist packages show you don't always have to be over the top to stand out.