Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil Packaging is Simple and Scrupulous

 - Apr 4, 2011
References: & thedieline
The best product branding gives the consumer an idea of the contents and quality of a commodity, and Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil packaging offers insight into both.

Mouse Graphics is responsible for the brand identity of the cooking oil, settling on a minimalist and marvelous means of labeling both the glass bottle and the tin can. The logo is comprised of a pair of vertically balanced olives, one gray and one green, illustrated in irregular organic ovals with a hint of the pits inside. Arranged in such a way that allows the two to be taken as a couple of zeros, the delicate white percentage sign suggests the liquid's authenticity, as derived 100% from pure Greek bitter fruits. On the whole, Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil packaging brands the items with informed elegance.

Implications - Branding such as this is straightforward, elegant, efficient and deceptively simple. Consumers appreciate packaging that isn't needless complicated but still communicates the key points that interest them, and this is a great example of how businesses can balance those two concerns.