From Singing Salt Shakers to Playable Furniture Pieces

 - Jun 6, 2012
Unlikely music makers include anything but your traditional iPod, stereo system, old-school ghetto blaster or record player. In today's modern society of oddballs, products like these are just way too simple and not nearly ironic enough.

Thus comes the age of the surprising singing product. Everything from underwear to jam jars seem to know a tune or two, infusing an element of whimsy and much-needed musicality into the modern consumer's daily life.

In an age as fast-paced as this one, who wouldn't want their day served with a side of song? Even the most mundane products, like literally a wall, can now be designed to make music for you. On the flip-side of things, more traditional music-making pieces, like guitars, are receiving eccentric makeovers.

Whatever genre of music you're into, blasting it from the side of a sofa seems to make it that much cooler.