This BulGa Oil Campaign Demonstrates the Product's Animalistic Effect

 - Jun 16, 2011
References: creativedropsstudios & adsoftheworld
Despite -- or perhaps because of -- society's best efforts, humans are born with animal instincts. This BulGa Oil campaign recognizes this fact, and uses children's toys as props in these prints to communicate a very adult message.

With little risk of designing anything that looks too graphic, the Creative Drops advertising agency of India took a plastic zebra, a cheetah, an elephant, a giraffe, a caribou and a lion and placed them against plain backdrops. The creatures are paired up, with two per print, evidently placed in mating positions.

The tagline of this BulGa Oil campaign reads "Twist a story over a spray," inviting all inhibitions to go during times of intimacy. The massage oil which promises to increase your libido and sex drive is highlighted in the wild inter-species attraction between unlikely four-legged lovers.