Alboredes Olive Oil Packaging References the Land that Bore it

 - Sep 2, 2011
References: bozat & lovelypackage
There have been phases of recent history when organic branding has not been in style and products that appear as Alboredes Olive Oil packaging does might have been completely overlooked by consumers. It is difficult to imagine now, since it's so refreshing to have stepped away from the popular aesthetic of overly abstract graphic design.

Ignasi Boza strove to intervene as little as possible with the natural details of the labeling. Clean white stickers were chosen to accent ebony-hued flasks and minimal text was printed onto them. Where the appearance of these products really pops is in the textured typography and the matching bottleneck decals. Alboredes Olive Oil packaging uses the organic origins of the pressed liquid to accent its image, in the form of soil, rocks and tree bark.