Off Buttermilk Packaging Promotes an Unplugged Potable Product

 - Nov 4, 2011
References: julianhrankov & thedieline
Every week when you visit the grocery store it seems as though products are becoming all the more convoluted and complicated with boosts, enrichments and enhancements. Off Buttermilk packaging symbolizes the consumer's strength to say "no" to such overly engineered edibles in favor of items that contain pure and natural benefits.

The design of the label presents a bit of a paradox because the logo's iconic look is inspired by the world of electronic technology. But creator Julian Hrankov urges the drinker to switch off her busyness and metaphorically go "offline" from life's stresses and demands for just a few moments.

The ingredient list associated with the Arla Foods beverage is a very short one, mentioning the creamy dairy liquid and real vanilla. Off Buttermilk packaging embodies the ideal of going organic to turn on your best performance.