Moya Packaging Unfolds with a Lovely Literary Visual Theme

 - Aug 31, 2011
References: & thedieline
Simple detail is the solution for delightful visual merchandizing at the moment, and Moya packaging does a divine job of intriguing the consumer in this way. Despite the condensed text of one of its crucial elements, the overall effect of this product's appearance is one of understated elegance and minimal graphical meddling.

To begin, the logo is composed of an informal handwritten typography that looks to have been scrawled by a youngster. The endearing unsteady letters leave the "o" and the "a" filled in with thick maroon or white ink blots.

Little else is added to the labels of the spa product bottles as all additional detail can be found in the tissue paper. Daniel Berkowitz designed Moya packaging to incorporate a ceremonious process of unwrapping, which playfully reveals the textual information about the cosmetics within.