Babingtons English Tea Room Branding has an Old-Fashioned Flair

Establishing a sense of tradition amidst a brand identity strategy is a smart way to attract customers. This is precisely the goal behind Babingtons English Tea Room branding, which references a reputation in Rome that's nearly 120 years old.

The charming cafe can be found at the foot of the Spanish steps, still operated by the descendents of the premises' original owners. The characteristic Britishness of the establishment was as important for the business then as it is now, which is why designer Minale Tattersfield was instructed to play it up.

Old Victorian etchings were thus integrated into the packaging of the coffees, confections and preserves and illustrated into the menus, pamphlets and onto the back of iconic three-wheeled trucks. Babingtons English Tea Room branding incorporates a subtle playfulness in each fanciful sketch which celebrates the quirkiness of English culture.