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Augmented Play

Children's products are getting a more advanced makeover

Implications - Often used in marketing campaigns and other adult-targeted projects, augmented reality is increasingly being integrated into products intended for children. Whether enhancing the reading experience or adding another dimension to television programming, this change marks the shift toward a more tech-friendly youth market.
6 Featured, 51 Examples:
709,010 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Aug 11 — Sep 13
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Augmented Reality Fairytales
Augmented Reality Fairytales
QR Code Storybooks Are the Way of the Future
While we are pondering the social effects of being always online and the changes of content consumption habits, a generation is silently growing up -- one that finds nothing revolutionary in the convergence… MORE
play_circle_filled Phenomenal Prehistoric Projections
Phenomenal Prehistoric Projections
The National Geographic Augmented Reality Stunt in Hungary Mall
Unfortunately, the time-traveling technology featured in the television show 'Terra Nova' is fictional, but these mall visitors were lucky enough to get a blast from the past thanks to the National Geographic… MORE
play_circle_filled Augmented Reality Cartoon Photos
Augmented Reality Cartoon Photos
Ice Age: Continental Drift App Offers Interactive Fun
Get ready for a new photo-taking experience with the Ice Age: Continental Drift app. Created by GoldRun, this unique photo app gives kids and adult fans of the Ice Age movies an augmented reality... MORE
play_circle_filled Augmented Reality Greeting Cards
Augmented Reality Greeting Cards
Gizmo's Augmented Reality Cards Update Traditional Cards
These augmented reality cards by Gizmo are changing the way well wishes are sent. Receiving a letter in the mail is a thoughtful gesture, although it may seem a little bit antiquated. Gizmo fuses... MORE
play_circle_filled Interactive Picture Books
Interactive Picture Books
Parrot Carrot is the First Augmented Reality Children's Story
The Sydney-based advertising agency Leo Burnett recently unveiled the first augmented reality children's book titled Parrot Carrot, which features a cast of crazy animals sporting rhyming names. Each animal… MORE
play_circle_filled Interactive Pseudo-Reality Apps
Interactive Pseudo-Reality Apps
The ARwork 'Catch Garfield If You Can' Game Allows for Engagement
The ARworks ‘Catch Garfield If You Can’ App allows users to interact with the loveable and lazy orange cartoon cat. This application prepared by ARworks is a pseudo-augmented reality iOS... MORE

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Trick Message Greeting Cards
Trick Message Greeting Cards
This Funny Greeting Card Initially Seems to Send a Mean Message
Sassy Mother's Day Cards
Sassy Mother's Day Cards
Terrapin Stationers' Cards for Mom are Not Overly Sentimental
Holiday Audio Greeting Cards
Holiday Audio Greeting Cards
With Pixengo You Can Create Your Own Electronic Christmas Card
Inappropriate Christmas Cards
Inappropriate Christmas Cards
These Dirty Santa Holiday Greeting Cards are Just Plain Naughty
8-Bit Festive Greeting Cards
8-Bit Festive Greeting Cards
Christmas Pixel Pop-Up Cards are Digital-Age Decorated
Pre-Recorded Snail Mail
Pre-Recorded Snail Mail
Video Message Greeting Cards Pack ten Minutes of Mushiness into 95 Grams
play_circle_filled Flatulence Delivering Cards
Flatulence Delivering Cards
Fart By Mail Sends Fellow Friends and Enemies a Stinky Prank
Rudely Versatile Greeting Cards
Rudely Versatile Greeting Cards
The Every Occasion Card is Definitely Not by Hallmark
Conversing Facial Hair Apps
Conversing Facial Hair Apps
The Mustache Wisdom Phone Application Answers Your Pressing Questions
play_circle_filled Augmented Reality Companions
Augmented Reality Companions
A Virtual Date with Hatsune Miku Provides Curious Companionship
Interactive Virtual World Simulators
Interactive Virtual World Simulators
The Canon Mixed Reality System is Amazingly Realistic
Mustache-Mocking Cups
Mustache-Mocking Cups
Philips 'Augmented Reality Mugs' Give Hairless Men Faux Facial Hair
play_circle_filled Charming Career Cartoons
Charming Career Cartoons
'When I Grow Up' by Jasmin Lai Transforms Imagination into Ambition
Splendid Swimmer Cartoons
Splendid Swimmer Cartoons
Anny Wong Illustrates Boys Ready for a Day at the Beach
Quirky Pop Culture Cartoons
Quirky Pop Culture Cartoons
This Vamba Art is Whimsical, Imaginative and Colorful
Skill-Honing Cartoons
Skill-Honing Cartoons
'Whistleless' by Trunk Animation Rewards Effort with Results
Retro Punk Illustrations
Retro Punk Illustrations
These Creative Common People Graphics are Endearing
Zebra-Patterned Portraits
Zebra-Patterned Portraits
Patrick Seymour Renders Faces with Black & White Stripes
Augmented Reality Jigsaws
Augmented Reality Jigsaws
Ravensburger Puzzles Have Hidden Supplementary Video and Sound Content
play_circle_filled The Magic of Augmented Reality
The Magic of Augmented Reality
Marco Tempest Tells the Story of Illusions
play_circle_filled Augmented Reality Romance Apps
Augmented Reality Romance Apps
Starbucks Valentine's Day Cup Magic Helps You Spread the Love
50 Augmented Reality Marketing Ideas
50 Augmented Reality Marketing Ideas
From Strippable Catalogs to Real-Life Board Games
Crowdsourced Candy Bar Flavors
Crowdsourced Candy Bar Flavors
Kit Kat 'Choose a Chunky Champion' Asks You to Pick a Favorite
Tabletop Tablet Games
Tabletop Tablet Games
GameChanger Presents Tech-Infused Fun
Heads-Up Holograms
Heads-Up Holograms
True3D, a Virtual Interface System, Wins Munich's Top Navigation Prize
Augmented Jewelry Applications
Augmented Jewelry Applications
The De Beers 'My Forevermark Fitting' is a Digital Diamond Trial
Augmented Reality Language Apps
Augmented Reality Language Apps
New Horizon Teaches Japanese Students English with a Twist
play_circle_filled Real-Life Board Games
Real-Life Board Games
Foursquaropoly Aims to Unleash 'Monopoly' on Your Life
play_circle_filled Monster Busting Phone Apps
Monster Busting Phone Apps
The Vodafone Buffer Busters Turns Your City into a Video Game
play_circle_filled Augmented Reality GPS Apps
Augmented Reality GPS Apps
Wikitude Drive Displays Live Video of where you're Going
play_circle_filled Augmented T-Shirt Apps
Augmented T-Shirt Apps
Zappar Plays Music When Pointed at a Guitar T-Shirt
Hidden Story Apps
Hidden Story Apps
Tagwhat App Unveils the Concealed Narrative Everywhere You Go
Augmented Reality Coupon Apps
Augmented Reality Coupon Apps
Valpak Deals App Finds Nearby Discounts With Location Finder
Augmented Eye Cameras
Augmented Eye Cameras
Tanya Marie Vlach Creates an Eye Camera to Enhance Vision
play_circle_filled Marvelous Movie Apps
Marvelous Movie Apps
Augmented Reality Cinema Displays Movies Filmed All Around You
play_circle_filled Augmented Perception Helmets
Augmented Perception Helmets
The Maxence Parache Hyper(reality) Video Takes Users on Virtual Trips
play_circle_filled Augmented Reality Books
Augmented Reality Books
Dorling Kindersley Launches Kid's Publications with High-Tech Features
Capricious Childhood Characters
Capricious Childhood Characters
Tolagunestro Reinvents Favorite Nostalgic Icons With Whimsy
play_circle_filled Virtual Visit Campaigns
Virtual Visit Campaigns
The Lynx Augmented Reality Angels Interactive Ad is Astonishing
Fast-Food Menstrual Aids
Fast-Food Menstrual Aids
The Ronald McDonald Pad Doesn't Come with a Side of Fries
play_circle_filled Toddler Touchscreens
Toddler Touchscreens
Sprint Firsts in Hi-Tech Development Tools
Augmented Reality Television Apps
Augmented Reality Television Apps
The Metamirror Takes TV to the Next Level
Touchscreens for Tots
Touchscreens for Tots
The Smart Pillow is an Efficient Learning Tool for Young Children
Educational Touchscreens
Educational Touchscreens
Kidget is Designed for Kids Under Fourteen
Multi-Touch Touchscreens
Multi-Touch Touchscreens
The Lenovo L2461x Wide Features Multi-Touch Capabilities
Touchscreens for Toddlers
Touchscreens for Toddlers
The Phonebook Transforms Your iPhone into a Kid's Toy
Cartooned Color Campaigns
Cartooned Color Campaigns
Comex Paint Creatively Proves They Can Match Any Hue
play_circle_filled Retro Toys Go High Tech
Retro Toys Go High Tech
Rubik's Touch Cube Is The Techno Version of the 80s Game
Touchscreen Dining
Touchscreen Dining
Inamo Restaurant in London
play_circle_filled Kid-Friendly Touchscreens
Kid-Friendly Touchscreens
The SMART Table
play_circle_filled Choose Your Own Adventure Videos
Choose Your Own Adventure Videos
The Secret Location