Dorling Kindersley Launches Kid's Publications with High-Tech Features

 - Jun 21, 2011
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Reading was always a way to let one's imagination run free, but what happens when you grow up in a digital generation where life runs at an incredibly fast pace and then there is no time to stop, sit down, and read? Enter the popularity of the introduction of e-books, and now, books with augment reality technology in it, just like Dorling Kindersley's releases.

Dorling Kindersley has recently published and launched two children's book called the 'Human Body' and 'Dinosaurs.' Like every book, at the turn of each page comes content and illustration related to the subject of the story. Unlike most books however, some of these pages contain "markers" (which is basically a bar code), which when flashed towards the web cam, generates cool 3D interactive graphics on one's computer screen. Readers can manipulate the graphics by rotating the book or camera slowly turning one's imagination into a reality!