This Funny Greeting Card Initially Seems to Send a Mean Message

 - Jul 22, 2013
References: etsy & huffingtonpost
This funny greeting card by the 'FINCHandHARE' Etsy shop would initially be very shocking to receive in the mail. The front of the card reads "You are Awful," but when the recipient opens the card up, it reveals the full message of "You are Awesome and Wonderful."

The cleverly-placed folds in this card completely transforms the tone of the card. The owner of the Etsy shop, Heather Abbott created a number of deceptively mean-spirited cards using this technique. These alarming cards are a surefire way to catch the attention of someone, if not alarm them with what you truly might think of them.

These novel cards are sure to get a laugh out of you and the recipient, though you might want to display them unfolded to prevent people from thinking you send mean-spirited messages to people.