Fart By Mail Sends Fellow Friends and Enemies a Stinky Prank

 - Nov 30, 2012
References: fartbymail & ufunk.net
Fart by Mail cards are great for birthdays, holidays or any other regular day one wishes to play a prank on another.

Encased in a clear glamorous polyethylene envelope is a glossy seemingly sweet and humorous greeting card. Unbeknownst to the receiver, the Fart by Mail card literally delivers the stinking stench of fart that "smells like real poo" and is accompanied by none other than the "heinous sound" of open flatulence. Be wary of receiving a suspicious package in the mail though. These ironic greeting cards are great for the party poopers out there who just don't want to celebrate their birthdays or holidays. In case one does receive these cheesy messages, you might want to allow a friend to open it for you.