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Virtual Drive

Autos with augmented reality features enhance driving

Implications - The benefits and advantages of using augmented reality have been shown in both technological innovation and marketing, so it comes as no surprise that many car brands are beginning to infuse the technology into their latest models -- for example, Mercedes' gesture-controlled DICE dashboard. At the same time, tech designers are also developing special AR driving tools, such as enhanced GPS applications and virtual games for children. These augmented reality innovations enhance the driving experience, making commutes a safer and more pleasant experience for everyone, from the driver to those sitting in the backseat.
6 Featured, 52 Examples:
367,219 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Jul 11 — May 12
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

play_circle_filled Virtual Reality GPS Devices
Virtual Reality GPS Devices
'Cyber Navi' by Pioneer Combines Mario Kart Racing with Car Navigation
Mario Kart racing and GPS devices have come together in ‘Cyber Navy’ by Pioneer Corp. The navigational system will feature a HUD that displays a virtual reality rendition of what is in... MORE
Projected Backseat Entertainment
Projected Backseat Entertainment
GEELab Creates a Holographic Game for Children in the Car
The diligent researchers at GEELab (Games and Experimental Entertainment Laboratory) are hard at work on their latest innovation: holographic backseat entertainment. Try to imagine yourself as a 6-year-old,… MORE
Futuristic Navigation Apps
Futuristic Navigation Apps
The TapNav App Uses Augmented Reality and GPS to Enhance Driving
The TapNav app goes a step beyond your standard navigational tool by providing a GPS-enabled real-time feed of the road in front you. Additionally, the app uses augmented reality discs that show you exactly… MORE
play_circle_filled Augmented Reality GPS Apps
Augmented Reality GPS Apps
Wikitude Drive Displays Live Video of where you're Going
Wikitude Drive is an amazing new GPS Android app that will lead drivers to their destinations and allow them to never take their eyes off the road again. The problem with GPS is that there are some people… MORE
play_circle_filled Gesture-Controlled Dashboards
Gesture-Controlled Dashboards
Mercedes-Benz DICE Concept Detects Hand Motions
If you're looking for the future of car interiors, the Mercedes-Benz DICE concept may just be it. The DICE (Dynamic & Intuitive Control Experience) concept is a customizable dashboard that is fully controlled… MORE
Heads-Up Holograms
Heads-Up Holograms
True3D, a Virtual Interface System, Wins Munich's Top Navigation Prize
Augmented reality comes to your driver's seat sooner than anyone expected courtesy of MVS-California's 'True3D' technology, a holographic heads-up display that overlays your front window with virtual navigation… MORE

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GPS Golf Gadgets
GPS Golf Gadgets
The Garmin Approach S3 Touchscreen Helps With Your Swing
Gigantic GPS Art Illustrations
Gigantic GPS Art Illustrations
Michael Wallace Uses Bike to Create Giant Grid Images in Baltimore
GPS Golf Watches
GPS Golf Watches
The 'Approach S3' by Garmin Raises the Odds of a Hole in One
Zombie-Monitoring Systems
Zombie-Monitoring Systems
The iGrave GPS Allows You to Track the Dead
Explorer-Equipped Timepieces
Explorer-Equipped Timepieces
The Suunto Ambit GPS-Enabled Watch Tracks Performance and Heart Rate
Phone-Manipulating Tokens
Phone-Manipulating Tokens
Sony Xperia SmartTags Help You Perform Functions Quickly
Hi-Tech Projecting Eyewear
Hi-Tech Projecting Eyewear
Lumus Glasses Lets You View Video, TV and Internet Content
Alpine Athlete Spy Goggles
Alpine Athlete Spy Goggles
Recon MOD Live Goggles Pair with Android at CES 2012
play_circle_filled Rugged Adventure Smartphones
Rugged Adventure Smartphones
Xperia active is Built Tough for Users
Smartphone-Syncing SUVs
Smartphone-Syncing SUVs
Toyota's MirrorLink Ensures Your Personal Cloud Goes Everywhere
Affluent Eco Cars
Affluent Eco Cars
The Mercedes-Benz F125! Brings Luxury to the Green Car Game
GPS-Embedded Flashlights
GPS-Embedded Flashlights
Ahhaproject's Polar Light Will Get You Home Safely
Interactive Car Racing Campaigns
Interactive Car Racing Campaigns
Mercedes Live Race Offers Fans the Chance to Compete a F1 Star
Hologram Travel Hosts
Hologram Travel Hosts
Paris' Orly Airport Introduces Travelers to Holographic Boarding Agents
play_circle_filled Senior GPS Monitors
Senior GPS Monitors
KDDI Mi-Look Helps Families Keep Watch on the Elderly
Hot Hologram Apparel
Hot Hologram Apparel
This TeeFury R2D2 Shirt is a Sci-Fi Dream
Tyke Auto Trainer Apps
Tyke Auto Trainer Apps
ToyToyota Releases 'Backseat Driver' to Teach Kids to Drive Safely
Road Warrior Vehicles
Road Warrior Vehicles
The Ford Mad Max is a Modernized Version Promoting the Film's Sequel
Plastic Surgery Apps
Plastic Surgery Apps
Boost Your Beauty Shows How You'd Look with a Nose Job
Sensational Lo-fi Lenses
Sensational Lo-fi Lenses
Holga Direct Has a Range of Retro Accessories for Your Camera
play_circle_filled Marvelous Movie Apps
Marvelous Movie Apps
Augmented Reality Cinema Displays Movies Filmed All Around You
Slamming Sound Apps
Slamming Sound Apps
Pringles Crunch Band Uses the Chip Container as an Amplifier
play_circle_filled Lampoonist Cartoon Apps
Lampoonist Cartoon Apps
Pulitzer Winner Mark Fiore's 'NewsToons' Reflects Ongoing Political Events
Pest-Repelling Apps
Pest-Repelling Apps
The AntiMosquito Application Drives Away Unwanted Insects
Color-Coding Agenda Apps
Color-Coding Agenda Apps
HQ: To Do & Task Lists is a Simple Hassle-Free Organizer
Collaborative Entertainment Apps
Collaborative Entertainment Apps
The BlinQ App Adds a Social Element to TV Guide Experience
play_circle_filled Plastic Scanning Apps
Plastic Scanning Apps
The Card-io App Takes the Hassle Out Of Paying With a Credit Card
play_circle_filled Completely Holographic Catwalks
Completely Holographic Catwalks
Stefan Eckert Holds World's First All 3-D Hologram Fashion Show
Rugged Wilderness GPS Trackers
Rugged Wilderness GPS Trackers
With the Bushnell Backtrack D-Tour You'll Never Get Lost
play_circle_filled Supermodel Supercar Ads
Supermodel Supercar Ads
The Mercedes Benz A Class 2012 commercial Stars Supermodel Jessica Stam
Rugged GPS Gadgets
Rugged GPS Gadgets
The Garmin Montana Leads the Way Both on and Off the Road
62 Ghostly Holographic Innovations
62 Ghostly Holographic Innovations
From Holographic Phones to Holographic Ads & Augmented Reality
play_circle_filled Hologram Hipster Runways
Hologram Hipster Runways
The Forever 21 Holographic Showcases in Vienna
play_circle_filled Holographic Dashboards
Holographic Dashboards
MIT and Volkswagen Team Up to Give Drivers Real-Time Updates
Hologram Catwalks
Hologram Catwalks
The Burberry Hologram Runway Show in Beijing Attracts Many A-List Celebs
Wind-Powered Monowheelers
Wind-Powered Monowheelers
The Aiolos Concept Car is a Futuristic Wind-Powered Ride
play_circle_filled Mobile Audio Broadcasting Apps
Mobile Audio Broadcasting Apps
Broadcastr is a New Social Media Tool for Those on the Go
Smartphone Navigation Kits
Smartphone Navigation Kits
The Navigon iPhone Car Kit Turns Your Mobile into a Mounted GPS Unit
Transforming Family Cars
Transforming Family Cars
Maininki by Antii Eskeli Converts From Hatchback to Long-Distance Auto
play_circle_filled Smartphone Driving Supervisors
Smartphone Driving Supervisors
The Denso Passenger Eye System Helps You Arrive Alive
3D Holographic TVs
3D Holographic TVs
Innovision Labs' HoloAd Diamond Ushers in a New Era of Entertainment
Stubby Entrepreneur Cars
Stubby Entrepreneur Cars
The 'Nissan Townpod' is a Futuristic Business Vehicle
Futuristic Eco-Cars
Futuristic Eco-Cars
The High-Tech ELPH Auto Features Smart Car Technology
play_circle_filled Sleek Futuristic Cars
Sleek Futuristic Cars
The Incepto Concept Car is a Luxurious Car for the Year 2020
play_circle_filled Humanized GPS Devices
Humanized GPS Devices
Natural Guidance from Navteq Gives Directions in Plain English
Grocery Store GPS Guides
Grocery Store GPS Guides
The Meijer Find-It App Helps You Find the Frozen Food Section
32 Hot Hologram Innovations
32 Hot Hologram Innovations
From Hologram Karaoke to Celebrity Holograms
play_circle_filled iPad Dashboards
iPad Dashboards
SoundMan Car Audio Makes a Toyota Tacoma a Flashier Ride
Little Electric Race Cars
Little Electric Race Cars
The Tajima EV Mini Sport is an Electric Formula 1 Concept Car
play_circle_filled Holographic Illusions
Holographic Illusions
The Graphics Lab 360 Light Display is Out of This World
007 Dashboards
007 Dashboards
The Toyota FT-EV II Has a Super Spy Interior
play_circle_filled Vanishing Auto Parts
Vanishing Auto Parts
Retractable Car Door Helps Drivers in Tight Spots