Pulitzer Winner Mark Fiore's 'NewsToons' Reflects Ongoing Political Events

 - Jul 4, 2011
References: itunes.apple & facebook
2010 Pulitzer Winner cartoonist Mark Fiore is revolutionizing the lampoon genre with his NewsToons app, available for iPhones and in the near future also for other smart phones running Android.

The much talked about NewsToons application satisfies your hunger for irony and satire real-time, enabling you to take your favorite news-worthy video-lampoons with you anywhere on your phone and share them with whoever you might want to take a laugh with. NewsToons gives you access to all of Fiore's cartoons that reflect ongoing political events. It also enables the user to access the source news articles information and inspiration was taken from. NewsToons is a very transparent system and an app full of fun.

Mark Fiore, an online cartoonist and San Francisco Chronicle (web edition) contributor, started to animate his cartoons in the late '90s and created his Animated Cartoon Site and YouTube channel later on. He won the Pulitzer Prize for a series of 15 cartoons after which his revolutionary NewsToons application was admitted to the Apple App Store. The award-winning cartoons might be viewed through the NewsToons app or on the author's website or YouTube channel.