- May 18, 2011
The future will always come tomorrow, but to see just how far technology has really come, check out this list of holographic innovations.

From what was imagined in shows like The Jetsons and film franchises like Star Wars, the idea of a body in two places at once has yet to die down. Brands are jumping on the augmented reality train and using that to their advantage, attempting to incorporate holograms into their products and services. For example, when John Meyer promoted his album 'Heartbreak Warfare,' he used AR, a holographic innovation, to get fans to view the video.

Fashion houses are another example; more and more designers are using holographic innovations to debut their shows in holographic form. This allows them to showcase collections worldwide while hosting the show from one spot.

One thing's for sure, these ghostly holographic innovations are sure to continue to integrate into society.

From Holographic Phones to Holographic Ads & Augmented Reality: