Little 3D Hologram Characters

 - Feb 13, 2007
References: & kilian-nakamura
At the end of this year, Japanese will experience with the new device called Sub-special communication pod. It's a device that projects 3D character holograms on a platform. You can choose character; man or woman and you can view him or her in 3D form. The character is able to interact verbally as well as physically with the owner. For example, if you blow air to the woman character's skirt, the skirt will move as if in the wind (What a great idea!). The best part of the Pod is the “physical transfer field”. You have barcode cards which come with the Pod. These cards have items such as clothing and accessories. When you lay the card on the Pod, the character will have that item instantly. This also includes items that you buy from store such as cup noodles. All you want to do is just scan the barcode, then the character will eat the noodle if he/she's hungry. If you want to enjoy with this little friend, the price is expected to be 30,000 yen ($250). It is a really good price.