- May 25, 2011
There has been a resent surge in nerd-ovations, just like what can be seen through barcode branding.  From Scan-Coded Sculptures to Costly Coffee Cups—these nerdy barcode innovations are popping up all over the place!

With a noticeable trend toward scannable marketing, these quirky inventions are sure to be a hit with consumers. Nowadays, you don’t have to be a tech lover to appreciate the humor of temporary barcode tattoos and QR Code Belt Buckles.

Whether or not these examples of barcode branding are what you consider to be wearable fashions, they sure are fascinating. Some of these examples of barcode branding take it one step beyond gimmicky to be totally ingenious.  BlackBerry users sure can attest to appreciating the convenient nature of the ‘scan barcode’ feature for BBM.  It looks like these barcode branding breakthroughs are here to stay!

From Scannable Inked Art to Temporary Barcode Tattoos: