Heliodisplay M3 Floats HDTV in the Air

 - Mar 7, 2007   Updated: Aug 11 2011
References: io2technology & blog.scifi
The M3 Heliodisplay is the latest mid air projector from IO2 Technology. It can float a 30 inch HDTV video into the air. While it looks like a holograph, the image is actually flat, but it does float. You can also use the image like a virtual touch screen. The unit can be purchased for under $20,000.

Face it. Your LCD tv is so 2006, it's not even funny!

Implications - This is an incredible conceptual design. The M3-Series is considered the next generation mid-air projector. It's only a matter of time before the big pocketed members of our society invest in these and LCDs begin to lose their stranglehold on the luxury TV marketplace.