TOPSHOP Kinect Allows the Users to Try Clothes On Sans Change Rooms

 - May 13, 2011
References: topshop & mashable
Mega-fashion brand TOPSHOP has recently launched an augmented reality shopping tool, TOPSHOP Kinect, that will help their customers try on their collection sans dressing room.

The brand worked with Russian agency AR Door and launched the augmented reality change room last week in Moscow. The TOPSHOP Kinect uses Microsoft's Xbox Kinect software to create these virtual mirrors.

All the user simply has to do is pose with their arms above their heads and allow for the Kinect to take a photo. Then, with no touch screen, viewers can motion their hands to try on the different styles programmed into the application. The built-in camera scans the body and places the garment over top, following a user's every movement.

The TOPSHOP Kinect change room is the first of its kind to hit major retail stores.