The Burberry Hologram Runway Show in Beijing Attracts Many A-List Celebs

The Burberry Hologram runway show in Beijing definitely impressed those who were sitting in the audience. Featuring cutting-edge technology, eccentric fashions, hot models and music by British UK band Keane, the show was held to celebrate the opening of Burberry's new China flagship store at Sparkle Roll Plaza.

With about 1,000 A-list guests such as Maggie Cheung, Fan Bingbing, Li Bingbing, Chen Kun and Wang Xueqi, to name a few, the show was undeniably a great success. Arranged was a unique experience, created by combining fashion with the new digital age. Life-size holographic models showcased the designs while technology manipulated the images. Weather elements where added into the mix, which excelled the audience's senses visually and brought the show to another level. Overall, this display of innovation and technology can essentially only be described as absolutely beautiful.