ToyToyota Releases 'Backseat Driver' to Teach Kids to Drive Safely

 - Jul 16, 2011
References: & toyota-global
This clever trainer app released by ToyToyota called the 'Backseat Driver' is a great product to ease kids into the practice of driving. The earlier you start introducing kids to something, the more likely it will be like second nature to them when they are adults. This iPhone app is the first of its kind, and allows kids to drive from the backseat.

The user of the game views his screen as a split screen: the real car is called 'Papa Car' and is tracked with GPS, while the bottom shows the cartoonized version called 'My Car.' The goal of the app is to follow the movements of the 'Papa Car' and along the way pick up items on the road to build higher points. The 'Backseat Driver' app also allows you to connect through Twitter and Facebook so your kids (or you) can post your scores. This app is the perfect safe solution to training any first-time or new drivers.