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Sentimental Marketing

Brands turn to romantic themes to strike an emotional chord with consumers

Implications - In an effort to battle against various retailers set on marketing similar goods and services, brands are turning to more approachable ad techniques to create emotional links with consumers. Match-making campaigns and romantic situations add familiarity to these otherwise rigid and corporate concepts, allowing consumers to become more invested through themes they can easily identify with and become emotionally invested in.
5 Featured, 43 Examples:
165,764 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Nov 12 — Feb 14

Featured Examples

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play_circle_filled Robotic Vending Machine Thieves
Robotic Vending Machine Thieves
This Robotic Device is Designed to Steal from Vending Machines
play_circle_filled Mind-Deception Drink Campaigns
Mind-Deception Drink Campaigns
The New Coke Commercial is Fun Take on Hypnotism
play_circle_filled Music-Making Bevarage Ads
Music-Making Bevarage Ads
The Coca Cola Ad Explored Recording Sounds of Joy Around Tokyo
Celebratory Designer Snapshots
Celebratory Designer Snapshots
The Diet Coke x Marc Jacobs Photo Booth Celebrates 30th Anniversary
play_circle_filled Animated Soda Dispenser Displays
Animated Soda Dispenser Displays
Licht-con Produktions' Coke Machine Has See-Through Animations
Motorized Rally Car Artworks
Motorized Rally Car Artworks
The Citroen DS3 Rally Diorama Celebrates 21 Rally Titles
Charitably Fashionable City Cars
Charitably Fashionable City Cars
The Citroen DS3 Cabrio L'Uomo Vogue Benefits Women's Charities
play_circle_filled Futuristic Carbon-Fiber Cars
Futuristic Carbon-Fiber Cars
The New Aston Martin 'Vanquish' Commercial is Mind Blowing
Soda-Dispensing Refrigerators
Soda-Dispensing Refrigerators
Samsung’s New Fridge Comes with Built in SodaStream Dispenser
play_circle_filled Shipped Parcel Monitors
Shipped Parcel Monitors
The DropTag Lets You Check a Sealed Package's Condition
President-Mocking Car Commercials
President-Mocking Car Commercials
This Honda Commercial is In Preparation for President's Day
Obesity Opposing Soda Ads
Obesity Opposing Soda Ads
This Coca-Cola Obesity Ad Outlines Its Health Conscious Adjustments
Dramatized Furniture Ads
Dramatized Furniture Ads
This Ikea Furniture Commercial Fights Through the Clutter
Ego-Boosting Basketball Ads
Ego-Boosting Basketball Ads
The Foot Locker Mirror Commercial Makes Fun of Insecurity
play_circle_filled Verbal Percussion Performance Ads
Verbal Percussion Performance Ads
The Microsoft Surface Commercial Employs a Beatboxer
Decorative Fashion Pop Packaging
Decorative Fashion Pop Packaging
The Marc Jacobs Diet Coke Cans Have Officially Been Unveiled
Affectionate Car Commercials
Affectionate Car Commercials
The Karlie Kloss Mercedes-Benz Short Films are Myterious
Mysterious Photo Booth Ads
Mysterious Photo Booth Ads
Marc Jacobs Unveiled as Diet Coke Creative Director in New Teaser
Disaster Driven Insurance Ads
Disaster Driven Insurance Ads
This Allstate Commercial Points Out That Mayhem is Everywhere
play_circle_filled Die-Hard Soccer Pilgrimages
Die-Hard Soccer Pilgrimages
Orange Presents This Ad in Support of the Africa Cup of Nations 2012
Contagious Car Commercials
Contagious Car Commercials
The Volkswagen Superbowl Commercial Will Bring a Smile to Your Face
play_circle_filled Boosted Confidence Car Ads
Boosted Confidence Car Ads
The Audi Super Bowl Commercial Instills Confidence in a High School Kid
play_circle_filled Female-Centric Advertising Satires
Female-Centric Advertising Satires
This Sketchy Video Mocks How Women are Portrayed in Advertising
Amateur Super Bowl Ad Contests
Amateur Super Bowl Ad Contests
This Super Bowl Commercial Contest has Become a Doritos Tradition
Superstitious Beer Commercials
Superstitious Beer Commercials
The Bud Light Super Bowl Commercials Feed into Fan Frenzy
play_circle_filled Motor-Mimicking Dog Commercials
Motor-Mimicking Dog Commercials
The Volkswagen Dog Ad Features a Revved-Up Puppy
Heartwarming Pop Campaigns
Heartwarming Pop Campaigns
The Diet Coke 'Heart Truth' Initiative Promotes Love
Pork-Infused Soft Drinks
Pork-Infused Soft Drinks
Bacon Diet Coke Lets You Enjoy Your Favorite Meaty Snack in Beverage Form
Festive Cinnamon-Inspired Sweets
Festive Cinnamon-Inspired Sweets
Satisfy a Gooey Craving with Cinnabon Candy Canes
Nostalgic Muppet Stockings
Nostalgic Muppet Stockings
Sesame Street Christmas Stockings Will Be Favorites for All Ages
Sci-Fi Holiday Decor
Sci-Fi Holiday Decor
Star Wars Characters Make for Fun Christmas Tree Ornaments
Geometric Himmeli Decorations
Geometric Himmeli Decorations
Eco-Friendly Tree Ornaments are the New Rage
Bizarre Gift Infographics
Bizarre Gift Infographics
This Chart Reveals People Receiving Some of the Worst Holiday Toys
Holiday Halitosis Treats
Holiday Halitosis Treats
These Holiday Mints Fight Bad Breath and Spark Winter Cheer
Holiday-Themed Sweeteners
Holiday-Themed Sweeteners
Christmas Tree Sugar Cubes Infuse Christmas Cheer in a Cup of Tea
Hairy Holiday Ornaments
Hairy Holiday Ornaments
The Twitchy Mustache Ornaments Make Adorable Snowman Faces
Greasy Breakfast Ornaments
Greasy Breakfast Ornaments
Bacon Ornaments Can Help Fatten a Skinny Christmas Tree
play_circle_filled Urban Graffiti Tours
Urban Graffiti Tours
Guerrilla Marketing Campaign Makes Graffiti Legal
Sleek Lumber-Clad Cruisers
Sleek Lumber-Clad Cruisers
The Citroen Origin Combines Old and New Aesthetics into a Swift Design
play_circle_filled Continent-Crossing Car Ads
Continent-Crossing Car Ads
The Citroen C3 Paris-Rome Commercial Visualizes its Fuel Efficiency
Low-Slung Concept Racers
Low-Slung Concept Racers
The Citroen Maglev is Designed to Tear up the Track and the Sky
Subtly Moving Auto Ads
Subtly Moving Auto Ads
These Cinemagraphs Promote the Creativity of the Citroen DS5
Crabby Concept Coupes
Crabby Concept Coupes
The Citroen Ccrab Looks like a Car and Moves like a Crustacean