The Foot Locker Mirror Commercial Makes Fun of Insecurity

 - Feb 15, 2013
References: footlocker & adweek
This Foot Locker Mirror commercial is a funny take on exclusive cliques. James Harden walks into a party and greets his friend, but immediately calls him out on wearing the same shoes as he did the day before. Apparently to Harden, this is a no-no. The friend apologizes, before being reminded what Harden did to the last friend who didn't goto Foot Locker for fresh gear.

The commercial flashes to Kris Humphries as he stands in front of his mirror asking his crew what they see. Each member of his entourage says something encouraging to boost his ego.

The commercial is funny because it shows Kris Humphries as an insecure person who surrounds himself with ego-boosting friends. For such a high profile NBA player to be presented this way is unusual.