Guerrilla Marketing Campaign Makes Graffiti Legal

 - Jul 4, 2012
An Urban Art Gallery and an appeal for a recycling conscience were the two main motifs behind this project, which channeled graffiti to spray paint 400 bottle containers and ten garbage trucks. Instead of tagging historical buildings or other areas that are illegal to paint on, this campaign targeted graffiti to areas that were designated.

The project not only gave graffiti artists a voice, it cut down on illegal graffiti all over Lisbon. The city now embraces graffiti (the legal kind) and has done away with the negative stigmas once attached to it. Lisbon even formed a partnership with Citroen to provide guided tours of the graffiti project in decorated vehicles. The tour ended up being wildly popular.

Commissioned by Lisbon City Hall and developed by the Portuguese guerrilla marketing agency Torke, this campaign won media coverage from around the world.