The New Coke Commercial is Fun Take on Hypnotism

 - Apr 26, 2013
References: youtube
People tend to be skeptical when it comes to hypnotism, but Coca-Cola's new Coke commercial is an interesting take on that subject matter to say the least.

The video features world-renowned hypnotist Peter Powers putting audience members in a hypnotic trance and making them do all those stupid things that people under hypnotism do. During one of the performances, Powers instructs the hypnotized audience members into doing fitness routines when they tasted regular Coke. Afterwards the hypnotized volunteers were then instructed to break dance when they tasted regular Coke, but this time he switched it with Coca-Cola Zero. The video showcases how the new Coca-Cola Zero taste exactly like the regular Coke drink.

The campaign works best in a live-audience setting, but seeing Coke's creative take on a campaign makes me want to get hypnotized myself.