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Product Embodiment

Personifying objects allows consumers to connect through relatable concepts

Implications - With the amount of ads and commercials that consumers are bombarded with on a daily basis, creating a memorable impression can often be challenging. Humanizing products with relatable characteristics and behaviors allow consumers to identify with brands on a more personable level, creating a stronger connection to the brand.
6 Featured, 49 Examples:
443,322 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Jan 13 — Feb 14
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

Personified Chocolate Commercials
Personified Chocolate Commercials
In this M&M's Commercial the Brown M&M Sets Up the Red M&M
The battle between different colored M&Ms; continues in this new M&M’s commercial with the female brown candy setting up the anxious red candy. This is the latest in a series of M&M&#... MORE
Personified Polar Bear Promos
Personified Polar Bear Promos
The Coca-Cola Polar Bears Create a Snowman Polar Bear In This New Ad
Here comes Coca-Cola’s classic polar bear family again as they work together in this commercial to build a snowman polar bear. Apparently polar bears enjoy making snowmen in their own likeness.... MORE
play_circle_filled Garden Gnome Revenge Ads
Garden Gnome Revenge Ads
This Funny IKEA Commercial Makes Backyard Furniture Exciting
The ‘Time for Change’ funny IKEA commercial shows one family’s epic battle against an army of garden gnomes whilst assembling stylish lawn furniture. Set up like a music video... MORE
play_circle_filled Comic Character Football Anthems
Comic Character Football Anthems
MetLife Stadium Has Peanuts Characters Kick Off the Super Bowl
To kick off today’s Super Bowl game, the MetLife Stadium set up a charming rendition of the American National Anthem, as played by some familiar faces from the iconic Peanuts comics. The... MORE
play_circle_filled Personified Candy Counselling Ads
Personified Candy Counselling Ads
Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups' Ad Unifies a Solid Couple
This year Nestlé will be debuting its first ever Super Bowl commercial, promoting its new Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups. This teaser ad shows Mrs. Chocolate and Mr. Peanut Butter in couples... MORE
play_circle_filled Humanized Mascot Ads
Humanized Mascot Ads
A Favorite Childhood Mascot Gets a Makeover in This Kool-Aid Commercial
Although Kool-Aid is known as North America’s easiest, go-to drink solution and has been around for nearly a century, most people remember this brand for its fun-loving Kool-Aid Man, and now... MORE

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Sporty Football Stilettos
Sporty Football Stilettos
The Charlotte Olympia Footwear Collection Inspired by Athletic Teams
Comfy Football Onesies
Comfy Football Onesies
ZOOOP iT UP Provides a Touchdown Outfit for NFL Fans
play_circle_filled Heartwarming Companion Beer Ads
Heartwarming Companion Beer Ads
The Budweiser Super Bowl Ad Continues the Tale of the Clydesdale
Football-Inspired Manicures
Football-Inspired Manicures
This COVERGIRL Tutorial Shows How to Make Super Bowl Nail Art
Fashionable Football Jerseys
Fashionable Football Jerseys
This NIKE x Comme Des Garcons Jersey Blends Performance with Style
Football-Themed Candies
Football-Themed Candies
Skittles' Seattle Mix Honors Seahawk Marshawn Lynch's Favorite Treat
play_circle_filled Television-Commerce Fashion Ads
Television-Commerce Fashion Ads
The H&M Super Bowl Ad Will Let Fans Buy Right from Their TVs
play_circle_filled Applauding Auto Shop Ads
Applauding Auto Shop Ads
The Slow Clap Super Bowl Ad from CarMax Celebrates Its Consumers
play_circle_filled Meme-Ridden Web Design Ads
Meme-Ridden Web Design Ads
This Squarespace Super Bowl Teaser Ad Explores Internet Themes
play_circle_filled Altruistic Super Bowl Ads
Altruistic Super Bowl Ads
The Super Bowl Bank of America Ad Will Raise Money for the Global Fund
play_circle_filled Retro Football Soda Ads
Retro Football Soda Ads
This Pepsi Super Bowl Ad Imagines the Origins of Halftime
play_circle_filled Finger-Licking Chip Commercials
Finger-Licking Chip Commercials
Winners of Doritos' Crash the Super Bowl Contest Get an Ad Spot
Staged Beer Party Ads
Staged Beer Party Ads
This Bud Light Commercial Provides a Taste of Its 2014 Super Bowl Ad
play_circle_filled Dubiously-Dubbed Football Parodies
Dubiously-Dubbed Football Parodies
The More NFL Bad Lip Reading is Here In Time for the Super Bowl
play_circle_filled Canine Car Shop Ads
Canine Car Shop Ads
The 'Slow Bark' CarMax Ad is Made for the Puppy Bowl
Renovating Juice Cleanses
Renovating Juice Cleanses
BluePrint Juice Cleanse Will Detox Your Body and Test Your Willpower
Seasonal Citrus Beverages
Seasonal Citrus Beverages
Joy the Baker's Lime Cordial Three Ways Post is Fresh
play_circle_filled Corkscrew-Inspired Squeezers
Corkscrew-Inspired Squeezers
The JUGO Two-Handed Juicer Requires an Easy Mirrored Motion to Work
Shark-Shaped Citrus Squeezers
Shark-Shaped Citrus Squeezers
This Lemon Shark Juicer Features a Deadly Underwater Predator
Viking Lawn Ornaments
Viking Lawn Ornaments
The Battle Garden Gnome Waits for the Moment to Strike
play_circle_filled Psychotic Spousal Home Renovations
Psychotic Spousal Home Renovations
An Ex-Wife Violently Redecorates in this IKEA Commercial
Cupcake Decorating Challenges
Cupcake Decorating Challenges
Trend Hunter & Le Dolci Come up with Cupcake Decorating Ideas
Mountainous Mint Swirls
Mountainous Mint Swirls
The Peppermint Snow Peaks are Festive and Delicious
Chromatic Candy Commercials
Chromatic Candy Commercials
Skittles' Create the Rainbow Campaign Lets Fans Create Their Own Ads
Cute Confection Gift Wrap
Cute Confection Gift Wrap
Use Candy Cane Wrapping Decor Duct Tape on Your Gifts This Year
Fashionable Candy Enclosures
Fashionable Candy Enclosures
The Chupa Chups Design Wood Cases Keep Your Suckers Safe
Karaoke-Inducing Cola Machines
Karaoke-Inducing Cola Machines
The Coca Cola Interactive Vending Machine Gives Gifts for Songs
Mythical Treat Tutorials
Mythical Treat Tutorials
Unicorn Horn Cookies are Best When Filled with Rainbow Candy
Candy Wrapper Clutches (UPDATE)
Candy Wrapper Clutches (UPDATE)
These Upcycled Purses are Made From Discarded Dessert Packaging
Chocolate-Cradling Desserts
Chocolate-Cradling Desserts
The White Chocolate Peppermint Mousse Cups are a Festive Treat
Trimming of the Trill Tree
Trimming of the Trill Tree
Learn About the Most Unique Personalized Holiday Ornaments
Global Soda Origins Infographics
Global Soda Origins Infographics
This Infographic Follows the History of Coca Cola
play_circle_filled Hidden Wonderland Ads
Hidden Wonderland Ads
Jonathan Brown Unveils Interactive Christmas Ads
Coke Crate Installations
Coke Crate Installations
The Upcycling Pavilion by BNKR Arquitectura Uses 5,000 Coca-Cola Cases
Interactive Pop Dispensers
Interactive Pop Dispensers
The Koolatron Soda Vending Fridge is a Playful Drink Cooler
Juice-Infused Chocolates
Juice-Infused Chocolates
The EasyBaked Kool-Aid Truffles Offer Unusually Sweet Flavors
Soda-Disguised Drink Containers
Soda-Disguised Drink Containers
The My Eco Can Saves the Environment and Keeps Beverages Secure
Repurposed Bottle Earbuds
Repurposed Bottle Earbuds
The Michael Young 'Noisezero Sports+ Headphones' Reuse Coke Bottles
Retro Gaming Cans
Retro Gaming Cans
Coca-Cola Space Invaders Cans Designed by Erin McGuire is a Fun Throwback
Holy Wine Treats
Holy Wine Treats
The Sebastian Errazuriz Christian Popsicles are Tempting
play_circle_filled Banksy-Inspired Ads
Banksy-Inspired Ads
This IKEA Street Art is Reminiscent of the Anonymous Artists
Gun-Toting Lawn Soldiers
Gun-Toting Lawn Soldiers
These Combat Garden Gnomes by Shawn Thorsson will Fend off Intruders
Mature Furniture Merchandizing
Mature Furniture Merchandizing
Anniversary IKEA Ad Celebrates Years of Manufacturing
Hiding Tool Campaigns
Hiding Tool Campaigns
The Pattex A Tool's Nightmare Campaign Shows an Easier Route
Illustrated Logo Cartons
Illustrated Logo Cartons
Aaron Thong Puts Iconic Drinks in Classic Milk Container Form
Moping Minimalist Lights
Moping Minimalist Lights
Geert Koster's Mate Floor Lamp Looks like It's Slouching Sadly
Sketched-In Furniture
Sketched-In Furniture
The IKEA Drawing Commercial is Artistically Imaginative
Rude Garden Gnomes
Rude Garden Gnomes
Controversial & Cheeky Outdoor Characters
Kool-Aid Pickles