These Combat Garden Gnomes by Shawn Thorsson will Fend off Intruders

 - Jan 14, 2012
References: etsy & etsy
These Combat Garden Gnomes created by Shawn Thorsson, an unemployed sailor with a crafty side, are flying off the digital shelves of his Etsy shop faster than he can make them. The designer describes himself as a man who refuses to grow up, and, perhaps, it is just that quality that makes these gnome soldiers so much fun to look at.

Costing about $60 or less, depending on the model, these fiercely cute lawn ornaments will protect your property from possible intruders. They also make a great gift for that bachelor in your life who has everything. Buy a couple and you can create fun war scenes in your front yard with the walkway to your door being the dividing line. The artist is also working on a new addition to the series, the bazooka gnome. So prepare to have a whole new experience in lawn decorating with these Combat Garden Gnomes from Shawn Thorsson.