- Nov 24, 2018
Whether enjoying an alcoholic beverage with friends or sipping on a seasonal refreshment, this list of November 2018 drinking ideas highlights the innovations in the industry.

This month was Halloween making for a wide variety of spooky offerings. Starbucks released a seasonal line of drinks that ranged from a purple 'witches brew' to a 'bloddy' frappuccino. The seasonal nature of these beverages allowed the brand to experiment with new colors and flavors, making for a spooky limited-edition treat consumers wouldn't soon forget.

Other drink brands took to marketing campaigns to push its innovations, like Fanta's Halloween vending machine, which tasked consumers to scream at the top of their lungs in exchange for a soft drink. As an added scare, consumers were grabbed by a hand behind the vending machine when they reached for their beverage, making for a memorable multi-sensory experience.

From Witch-Themed Frappuccinos to Screaming Vending Machines: