Blacktop's Low-Calorie Drink Delivers Electrolytes Without Sugar

Blacktop sets itself apart in the sports drink category by providing a performance water product for the active Millennial that is rich in electrolytes and made without sugar or excess calories.

The clean sports drink boasts a streamlined, light design that emphasizes its premium nature, as well as an easy-to-grip bottle design that is ideal for use during a workout. Blacktop's five-calorie performance water products are offered in simple fruit and vegetable flavors like Cucumber, Peach and Citrus, which help to spotlight the beverage as a better-for-you sports drink alternative.

In comparison to some other kinds of enriched water products that are currently available on the market, Blacktop performance water is packed with electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants that help active individuals fuel up without feeling bogged down by undesirable ingredient additions.