Stella Artois' Social Experiment Proves Its Beer is Best Enjoyed Slowly

 - Oct 4, 2018
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When it comes to beer chalices, Stella Artois has one of the most distinctive designs out there—as well as one with a highly functional shape to enhance carbonation and foam, while the easy-to-grip stem prevents one's hands from heating the Belgian brew.

To emphasize the fact that its beer is best consumed sitting down and enjoyed slowly, Stella Artois created a social experiment based around a takeaway-style paper beer chalice. Unfortunately for busy people on the run, the on-the-go packaging design was prone to spilling and breaking, which only served to point out that some things in life simply shouldn't be rushed.

Rather than quickly consuming a beer by themselves on the run, consumers were invited to indulge in something they may be "too busy" for—a sit-down drink at a pub with others, where Stella Artois was served as they should be, in glass beer chalices.